The Plasma Air Difference

The Plasma Air System has been proven in hundreds of applications to provide the highest levels of air quality improvement.

Dramatic Reductions In Indoor Air Pollutants with Plasma Air

Chart showing the dramatic performance of Plasma Air to improve air quality in both indoor and outdoor air quality solutions.


Bringing Fresh Mountain Air To Homes

Utilizing patented and effective bipolar ionization technology, PlasmaPURE replicates mountain air quality while reducing odors, mold, dust, harmful gases, and bacteria and viruses such as the flu, E. coli, staph, and MRSA by more than 95%.

Plasma Air PA600

Reducing Outside Air Requirements

Plasma Air is leading the way in utilizing ASHRAE's IAQ Procedure to reduce outside air intake requirements.  This provides for dramatic AC tonnage reduction, ongoing energy savings and improved air quality....MORE ABOUT OUTSIDE AIR REDUCTION

Plasma Air 7000 Series