Plasma Air provides comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for commercial, institutional, residential and industrial building projects. We provide solutions for schools, sports facilities, casinos, retail outlets, airports, wastewater treatment facilities, medical buildings, and single and multi-family residential. Our products leverage a breakthrough ionization technology that cleans the air in some of the most common and worrisome problems that building managers face.

Plasma Air can be used for schools, casinos, airports, retail, hospitals, arenas, residences, and waste water

Plasma Air Applications

Plasma Air solutions create "clean air" in places where odors, smoke, bacteria, mold and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) disrupt employee productivity in the workplace and the customer experience in your facility.

Public Facilities

Plasma Air products offer the most comprehensive air quality solution for public facilities where customers are exposed to annoying pollutants such as smoke, odors, and volatile organic compounds. The Plasma Air System can be easily incorporated into the largest commercial building or facility, reducing energy consumption and providing a healthy, productive environment for workers and visitors.

  • Attacks harmful airborne chemicals, virus, and bacteria at their source.
  • Creates a shield that protects you from problems coming in from the outside air intake.
  • Standalone or ducted solutions to suit any application.
  • Low energy consumption - less than a light bulb.
  • Low maintenance - no cleaning filters or wiping plates.
Outside Air Reduction

Using ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure, Plasma Air is able to reduce the amount of outside air intake required for your facility. This reduces the air conditioning tonnage and heating equipment required on new construction projects and the associated ongoing energy use for the life of the building. Plasma Air can also work with existing buildings to reduce the outside air intake which would result in a compelling ROI.

  • Code required ASHRAE calculations are provided.
  • Third-party validation study proves compliance with the ASHRAE method.
  • Can be integrated into duct systems or mounted in air handlers.
Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Plasma Air provides an effective alternative to traditional odor abatement and pollution control methods for industrial environments, specifically wastewater treatment facilities. Plasma Air solutions eliminate the need for chemical-based wet scrubbers or carbon absorption systems that are both capital and maintenance intensive.

  • Provides dramatic reduction in H2S.
  • No chemicals, carbon, additives, or hazardous waste disposal.
  • Cleans the air inside the building, providing a healthier environment for workers.
  • Easily retrofitted to existing plants.
  • Scalable from small lift stations to large treatment facilities.