PlasmaPURE Air Purification System

Mountain-Quality Air in Your Home or Office

PlasmaPURE Air Purification System

The PlasmaPURE air purification system improves air quality in your home or office. Utilizing safe and effective bipolar ionization technology, PlasmaPURE replicates mountain air quality while reducing odors, mold, dust, harmful gases, and bacteria and viruses such as the flu, E. coli, staph, and MRSA by more than 95%.

Ensure a healthier home or office environment for your family, friends or colleagues with PlasmaPURE.

PlasmaPURE - Graph of purification results

This air purification system produces both positively and negatively-charged oxygen ions to neutralize airborne pollutants.

PlasmaPURE can be easily installed into your furnace or AC unit, and is available in standard 24V AC as well as 120V AC, 230V AC or 12V DC.

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