Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Are you concerned that your customers might be exposed to harmful pollutants in the air while they are in your public facility? From jet fumes at airports to tobacco smoke in casinos, and bacteria, odors and volatile organic compounds we are exposed to in places we frequent… sports arenas, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, health clubs and other indoor facilities.

Applications using Plasma Air provide owners with the highest confidence level possible in eliminating these concerns. As much as a 2-10 times higher success rate as compared to traditional solutions including filters, UV and PCO. Typically, Plasma Air solutions will remove over 99% of odor-generating pollutants along with many other troublesome contaminants. In addition to the effectiveness of VOC removal by Plasma Air products, treatment using Plasma Air will reduce airborne particulates and associated bacterial, fungal and viral contaminants in the space.

Plasma Air equipment offers the most comprehensive air quality solutions for public facilities where customers are exposed to harmful pollutants and potentially dangerous contaminants.

  • Attacks harmful airborne chemicals, mold and bacteria at their source.
  • Creates a shield that protects you from pollutants coming in from outside air intake.
  • Stand-alone or ducted solutions to suit any application.
  • Low energy consumption - less power than a light bulb.
  • Low maintenance - no cleaning filters or wiping plates.

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