What Customers Say

What Customers Say

Facilities Manager, Tortoise Rock Casino

Plasma Air was a key element to our success as a casino in a highly competitive market. By improving our air quality, patrons are more likely to stay longer and remain happier as they breathe clean and fresh air while enjoying themselves.

Facilities Manager
Tortoise Rock Casino
General Manager, Best Friends FurEver

With 150+ dogs per day, the odors in here can get quite offensive. After installing the Plasma Air system, the air quality transformation in the facility was amazing. I would highly recommend Plasma Air on any similar application.

General Manager
Best Friends FurEver
Chief Mechanical Engineer, BGW Services, Inc.

I've designed dozens of schools and churches utilizing Plasma Air's system to meet the requirements of ASHRAE's IAQ Procedure. In addition to positive feedback on the air quality, we saved our clients millions of dollars in construction costs and ongoing energy savings.

Chief Mechanical Engineer
BGW Services, Inc.
Environmental and Energy Specialist, Carrolton Farmers Branch ISD

We tried everything to eliminate a terrible odor in one of our football locker rooms when we were introduced to Plasma Air. Although somewhat skeptical, the product completely eliminated the odor and impressed everyone involved. Needless to say, we are implementing the technology in our other locker rooms.

Environmental and Energy Specialist
Carrolton Farmers Branch ISD
Tom Bradley Terminal, LAX

With the highest volume of customers and flights in the country, our terminals at LAX were often saturated with unwanted jet fumes, odors and other pollutants in the air. Once we installed the Plasma Air system, all of those problems went away. Our customer complaints are at an all time low.

Tom Bradley Terminal