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Our Customers

Plasma Air is now installed in thousands of buildings including schools, churches, office buildings, casinos, hotels, airport terminals and support buildings, medical buildings, health clubs, locker rooms, arenas, wastewater treatment facilities and other large industrial facilities, public facilities and private commercial buildings. We are the leader in providing IAQ solutions to industrial plants, airports, schools, arenas, office facilities, and retail office space. Some of our customers include:

Some of our clients

Plasma Air = Results

Our customers report significant impact from the implementation of the Plasma Air solution:


Plasma Air is installed in hundreds of schools around the country. A majority of these installations took advantage of ASHRAE's IAQ Procedure which allows for the reduction of outside air intake resulting in dramatic first cost savings and ongoing energy cost savings, not to mention improved air quality in the schools. Many of the school officials, who may not have been aware of the implementation of the ionization systems, commented on the superior air quality, alertness of the students, and improved student attendance.

Airport Terminals

Plasma Air is installed in the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Tom Bradley International Terminal to eliminate jet fuel odors inside the terminal, food court and perfume odors, along with providing overall cleaner air in the breathing space. The airport reports a significant reduction in customer complaints. Plasma Air is also providing maintenance services to LAX through a three-year maintenance agreement. Plasma Air is also installed at the Van Nuys Airport in California to eliminate jet fuel exhaust fumes related to an adjacent helipad.


The smoke in casinos has been proven to reduce overall customer satisfaction levels and retention time. Plasma Air is installed in approximately a dozen casino/smoking environments where it has reduced or eliminated the smoke particles and odor associated with smoke. Casino management has reported various improvements such as reduced visual "smoke clouds" above the gaming floor, improved air quality comments from waitresses, dealers and pit bosses, and most importantly, fewer complaints from customers via comment cards and online travel websites/blogs.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Plasma Air is installed in five wastewater treatment plants as a cost effective, energy saving, and environmentally sensitive alternative to chemical scrubbers, bio-filters and other costly traditional solutions. At one treatment facility in Arizona, as an alternative to traditional odor control methods, Plasma Air's solution eliminated all odor issues and associated customer complaints while reducing 45% of capital installation costs, 66% of maintenance costs, 53% of the five-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and 86% of energy costs for odor control.

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