Introducing PlasmaSoft® 3.0

Introducing PlasmaSoft® 3.0

For many engineers, performing the necessary calculations to determine airborne contaminants can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor.

As a result, these calculations are often performed haphazardly during the building design process, if at all, provoking engineers to waste funds and resources on excessive amounts of expensive equipment for ventilation.  

However, with the availability of Plasma Air’s PlasmaSoft® 3.0, engineers can remove the guesswork from determining accurate ventilation requirements by utilizing the Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP), thus reducing both capital and operational expenditure.

PlasmaSoft® 3.0 is an award-winning web-based software program that calculates and compares contaminant levels using both ASHRAE's Ventilation Rate Method (VRM) and the IAQP in reducing outside air intake.

Consulting engineers and other related professionals now have the ability to leverage a reliable program to perform these calculations while storing project data in the cloud. As a result, the PlasmaSoft® 3.0 IAQP Software enables commercial and institutional builders and developers to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs while improving IAQ.

Since its launch in October 2015, PlasmaSoft® has become the software of choice for those engineers around the world taking advantage of the IAQP, helping them perform the necessary calculations that ensure a healthy indoor air environment without wasting financial resources on excessive outside air intake requirements. Reducing outside air intake on new construction projects has a dramatic effect on lowering equipment costs and ongoing energy usage.

Plasma Air continues to serve its clients with the highest quality products and services. As such, the company has been hard at work developing new features and enhancements to PlasmaSoft® 2.5 that are designed to address users' most pressing needs, including:

Download All Button:
This button allows PlasmaSoft® users to combine and download all existing zone calculations into a single PDF. This functionality enables seamless sharing of calculations among team members to ensure their projects run smoothly.

Duplicate Zone Feature:
This new feature allows users to duplicate zones with one click of the mouse. By doing so, they can easily copy existing zone data to a new zone, streamlining data input.

Selectable Viewing List Option:
As users continue to add projects to their PlasmaSoft® interface, this option reduces the on-screen clutter by filtering the number of zones displayed on a given page to 20, 50 or 100 projects at a time.

Option to Rename Zones:
For many PlasmaSoft® users, projects may go through several iterations before completion. To help maintain consistency with the engineering firm or clients' nomenclature, users now have the ability to rename zones to any name they choose.

"Check" Button
To recognize and address the needs of our growing international client base, Plasma Air also added a "Check" button to the PlasmaSoft® interface. This feature helps international users better understand their needs and utilize the software in a more effective manner.

By combining PlasmaSoft® software with Plasma Air's leading indoor air quality technologies, developers, architects, engineers and contractors will benefit from the ability to reduce first costs, enhance building energy efficiency and improve IAQ.

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