Enhancing Air Quality in Airports

Enhancing Air Quality in Airports

As people grow more conscious of their health, environments susceptible to high levels of pollutants are increasingly scrutinized and forced by federal, state, and local authorities to clean up their acts. Producing a harmful mix of pollutants, emissions, chemicals, and unwanted odors, airports are among the worst offenders when it comes to air pollution. In fact, some of the man-made pollutants produced by airport congestion have been known to lead to increased hospitalization rates for asthma, respiratory, and heart related emergency room admissions. That fact in and of itself is a clear indication of the need for increased air quality to protect the health of not only travelers in the vicinity, but also of residents living nearby and downwind from airports.

Hazardous air pollutants generated by industrial activities were among the first emissions to be regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to the immediate harm they can cause to both the general public and the environment as a whole. As airplanes emit a toxic cocktail of carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorous gas resulting from combustion; sulfur dioxide (SO2), a byproduct of emission from fossil fuel at power plants and industrial facilities; lead (Pb), a heavy metal traditionally found in fuel; and countless other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), it is clear that air purification is a critical component within airport terminals.

As both government-owned and operated facilities, and thriving businesses, it is critical for airports to not only meet regulatory standards for emissions, but to also ensure the health, safety and positive experience of travelers, flight crew and airport employees. Plasma Air can help.

Offering cutting-edge air purification solutions utilizing bipolar ionization technology, Plasma Air products are designed to provide significant reductions in air pollutants, odors and hazardous VOCs. The resulting air quality is clean, healthy and pollutant-free, allowing airport personnel, flight crews and travelers to always breathe easy.

In testing, Plasma Air products have demonstrated dramatic reductions in indoor VOCs, virtually eliminating them entirely in a majority of cases. After a mere one-hour of running Plasma Air ionization equipment, more than 95% of all VOCs in the air were completely neutralized. A fast, simple and effective solution, Plasma Air technology is an exceptional choice for enhancing air quality in any airport environment.

If you are interested in learning more about how Plasma Air is enhancing indoor air quality one molecule at a time and how it can help airports across the nation create a healthy and safe atmosphere, please visit www.plasma-air.com or email Dan Dowiak at ddowiak@plasma-air.com.